Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eagle # 3

As I get older I appreciate more and more the wonderful children I have been blessed with. 3 fine sons have worked hard to earn the rank of an Eagle Scout. This past week Andrew received his Award and even though there has been some major nagging involved I am so proud of him and this great accomplishment. I recently got called into scouts and believe it or not it's my first time. I don't know with 3 boys how I managed to never serve in scouts but it really is a great calling. When I bought the new Wolf book, Andrew and I got a big chuckle when reading some of the requirements for a new 8 year old scout.

1a Play catch with someone 10 steps away

1b Walk a line back and forth

1c Do a front roll

1d Do a back roll

1e Do a falling front roll

Boy, these were the "simple" days. The scouting program really has helped mold my boys into fine young men. I'm so grateful for all the leaders who took an interest in my 3 sons and I hope I can help some fine young men get their WOLF badges.

My Mom is amazing! It is tradition that when her grandsons get their eagles she makes them a flag cake. This was cake #11. She is the best grandma and always so willing to be a part of the boys special day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coming Soon

I feel guilty that I just continue to read all of your blogs for entertainment, ideas and keeping in touch and in return give nothing back. (not that what I give is so great). Anyway very soon I am going to blog about.....

The return of my cute missionary
Andrews Eagle court of honor
wedding showers
pin cushions
ski trips
car accident
anything else I need to remember for history's sake!